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To become a Global Management Consulting Firm in the area of Human Capital Development


To ensure Efficiency and Effectiveness in Organisational Capacity Building and Development

Core Value

  • Competency
  • Commitment
  • Continuity


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What we do

Frandek International has a long history of Public Sector Reform, Institutional Strengthening, Capacity Building Training within Organisations or  Institutions in the Public and Private Sectors at Local, National, and International Levels especially in the area of cutting edge Institutional Strengthening, Training Delivery, and Strategic Business Development. 

Our key areas of expertise are in Public Sector Reform, Institutional Strengthening (Strategic Planning and Policy Development), Performance Management, Ethics and Value Re-orientation, Change Management, Service Delivery Improvement, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Risk and Disaster Management, Security Management, Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Scheme, Business Process Re-Engineering, Employment Training, Staff Recruitment and Progression, Research and Organisational Development. Frandek HR Suite is very much aware of the organizational challenges and
absence of a home grown and culturally adapted performance management IT
Solutions in Nigeria and across Africa.
Against this back drop, Frandek HR Suite performance linked tools were
developed to bridge the gap and address this need.
Frandek Core HR Suite is a patent of Frandek Consulting Limited.



Why Train?

Training is a learning process critical to enhancing employees’ performance. The Training process leads to the exhibition of skilled behaviour in the workplace. Organisations who invest in the Training process will get a Return on Investment (ROI) through a more skilled workforce and thus, increased Organisational performance.

Training and development helps in the development and optimum utilization of Organisational Human Resources, inculcating team spirit, productivity and the strengthening organisational culture and values. It also creates a learning culture within the organisation. Training can expand the horizons of human intellect, enabling employees become more skilled and resourceful in getting work done.

The effects of Training can also be increased productivity and an enhanced Organisational image. Training leads to Organisational development which will help develop leadership skills, motivation, positive attitudinal change, motivation, and lots more.



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