Dr. Francisca Odeka
Public Reform Expert.
BSc (Mass Com) Msc (Mass Com.) PhD (Glas) Social Policy

Dr. Francisca Odeka the Managing Director of Frandek International Consulting Limited (FCL) and the Company Secretary of Lady Helen Child Health Foundation (LHCHF). She returned to Nigeria in 2010 to play her part in the development of the Country. She is a Public Sector Reform Expert, this experience she used extensively as the then Resident Consultant of the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation (OHCSF) between 2010 – 2016.

Since then she has worked extensively with various Ministries and Parastatals to carry out Institutional Strengthening Activities in the area of institutionalisation of Performance Management in the public sector, Leadership and Change Management, Quality Assurance, Policy Development and Implementation. Dr Francisca Odeka continues to forge ahead in the effort to institutionalise performance management in the Public Sector. She has developed and deployed homegrown Performance Management I.T solutions for various ministries: Federal Ministry of Water Resources, Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, Federal Ministry of Trade and Industry, Federal Ministry of Education, Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Federal Ministry of Sports Development and the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology.
Dr Francisca Odeka is a Coach and Mentor of Leaders in the Public Sector.